Exchange heads??

Anyone out there admining Exchange 5.5 (sp4) boxes know the easiest way of replicating all of the data (mailboxes, etc.) from one machine to another? I thought it was just as easy as installing another Exchange box and waiting for the post-install replication…

Turns out that whole she-bang just grabs the site data and addresses, but none of the mail goodness.

Dammit Jim I’m a geek, not an Exchange admin!

Ok, first one to get me the right answer gets a free pair of nice sunglasses.

…Ummm, you pay the shipping though.

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Do you mean creat a pst file for each mailbox and then copy its contents to the new server….Thats how I did it for one client who created a new exchange server, but it was long and tedious. There is a 3rd party app that does it as well..

BUT I might not be understanding the question right….

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