Coming up for air

Who the hell would have known that I would be busier working here than I have ever been after everyone was let go?!?! I swear, this is crazyiness at it’s best. But, I’m not complaining much as this still is work which brings in the bucks to pay the bills. I’m slated to stay here until the end of June and possibly until mid-July if I do not find anything else before that.

Got the new St. Anger Metallica CD yesterday, and I am so completely disspointed at this wretched piece of filth that it deserves it’s own entry later today when I have some free time. If you’re looking to buy it, do yourself a favor… Download the songs from somewhere and if you can get into this crap, then go buy it. Otherwise it’s not worth the 15 bucks I paid for it, even with that free DVD included. Fuck… That cacophony of passionless drivel may not even be worth the space it will take on your hard drive. I swear, I am so depressed with regards to this atrocity.

Back to pack some boxes…

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I was beginning to think you had permanently said “goodbye.” Glad you haev a job to hang onto until mid-July. But I hope/know you will find something soon!

And I will pass on the Metallica info to Frank…I think it was on his birthday list!


LOL! “cacophony of passionless drivel”?!?! That’s a good one. Between Devina’s “a catastrophe of tsunamic proportions” and your apt statement from today, I don’t know what’s funnier. Must be the water you both are drinking that inspires you to come up with some creative ways to describe things lately. 🙂 Can I have some of what you are drinking?

wow – how right you were about the metallica album. I was going to buy it but then read what you said so I just downloaded some songs instead – craptastic! thanks for the words of warning. I’m very dissapointed in metallica.

You have been officially heckled on International Heckling Day.
No, you were heckled. Do not try to come back with something clever, or I shall return to heckle you some more.


Oh man, this rocks Craig!!!! Dammit, too late to give ya back one… I’ll haveta figure out an evil plan for my revenge… 🙂

honestly i think metallica’s last good effort was garage inc (the old songs) and s&m…after that it was all crap. and even before that it was crap too load and reload…loads of junk

Davie! whats up man… drop me a line and we can get together for some dinner.

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