*sniff* *sniff*

Goodbyes fucking suck…

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I’m sorry Davers…I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, but I really don’t think there is…just hang in there and know that you helped make the company a success.

oh dave 🙁 it’ll be alright. i dont know, good byes were always easy for me. i don’t attach to people i work with/acquaintences that easily. just think about all the new buddies you’ll get to make…

I’ll tell you what fucking sucks…someone got a duplicate of my ATM card and wiped me out early this morning. The only way I knew was b/c I called to check a discrepancy of about 20 bucks in my account and there it was…now I have to go fill out a fraud form, get a new ATM card and a new PIN, and sit and wait…it gets better though…whoever has the duplicate used it at an ATM in a seven eleven store in Coney Island NY…I hope this person enjoyed taking money from a poor college student.

Dave, I’ve been thinking,…

I realized a long time ago how much of a friend that you are. I appreciate that. I fell in love with Gnome-Girl last November because she is just like you. I have no doubt that you will be gainfully employed within the next few weeks based on merit alone. I have bwwn unsuccessful in finding decent job the last few week, but I feel you will find what you are looking for soon. You have a good following and I believe you will succeed like you always do.

I agree with Mark…you do have a lot going for you Davers. Chin up, be proud of what you can do…good luck!

Sorry to hear it. I’ve had just enough beers in me so I can remember how I felt when I left That Great Job without all the sadness.

TRULT know how you feel. Keep strong.

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