All good things…

Today marks the final chapter for many of the people that work here in this building, which is the US headquarters for my company.

Roughly 8 months ago, our CEO gathered us all up in a large room and told of the news that our company was being relocated to a larger location in Albany. It was inevitable as the company has been doing obscenely well since I got here and has only gotten infinitely better since. With that Oprah boost a few days ago, that huge new space they call home up in Albany will certainly be put to good use and fast. There was no way our little building here will handle the volume in the coming months and years.

Right now pictures are being taken, memories talked, cried and laughed over, boxes are being packed up, e-mails are being exchanged and there are long faces everywhere. Sure, we have all known this day would get here eventually, but the finality of it all just slammed a lot of us in the face pretty hard today. Many people have been here 5, 10, 15 and 20+ years and I can’t imagine what is going through their heads now. As I have been walking around making sure people have their stuff properly backed up and such, I see a lot of them staring out into space. I wonder what they are thinking about?

I just passed the CEO’s office and he caught me looking at him as he was, for the very last day, staring out his window. I wish I had my camera to snap his picture because the look on his face pretty much said it all at the moment I just happened to walk by. Little did he expect when we were told the news that we all would proudly stick by the company and help it only get stronger. Little did he know that we would be training our own replacements with nothing but smiles and some light-hearted jokes. Little did he know that we only lost but a few people between that time and today because this place is like a secondary family for them.

Little did he know that even up until today, with 2 and a half hours left, we’re working hard at getting our final day of business done and prepped the new crew starting on Monday about three hours away from here…

I’m actually staying on a little longer along with several others to make sure things run tight here in this office as the full transition to Albany occurs. Mostly it involves transferring of data, keeping the network running smooth and packing up a whole mess of machines. I’m glad to have had 2 of my years devoted to working with such a fine group of people.

I’m probably never going to work for a company that feels like this again and that’s what saddens me the most…

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I remember when I left my last job, I stayed until 5:30 (people normally bailed early); handed over my notes, gave a brief report on the Status of things, and handed over my keys. It was sad, but i was proud to have worked there with those people.

And you’re right.. you’ll probably never work in a place like that again. But just as each boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is different from the last, hopefully you’ll find a new and different kind of home.

Good luck!

It’s incredible to feel that way about your job and where you work. I was touched by your post. The people I work with are what keeps me going back to my job every day.

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