Feed me!

Here’s an interesting little game to try out. Unfortunately, this involves a significant other (or friend) and can’t be done alone. Nooooooo, it’s nothing naughty… That’s for another web site. 😉

Ok, here we go.

Feed your S/O something and pay careful attention to their reaction before they eat it. I’m wondering if what I have seen over the years holds true.

Didja feed him/her?

I have yet to meet a guy who does not look at what is being fed to him. I’m included in this as well. No matter who it is, I will not be able to eat the food until I look at it and see what it is. EVEN if I know exactly what the food being fed to me is, I (and most of the men I have seen this performed on) will still have to look at it if it goes into my mouth.


Almost every woman I know will always eat what was given to her without looking at it.

Can someone please explain this to me? I remember reading somewhere that women have a much higher sense of smell than men do. My guess is that because of that, they will smell the food from a farther distance and not need to look at it before it goes down the pipe. Whereas, men (with the lesser sense of smell) will need to visually inspect the item as it gets closer to our mouth.

Of course I could be talking out of my ass, but I just wanted to know if what I have seen over the years amongst my friends holds true for the rest of blog land.


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I think women are just so happy that a guy would feed them they don’t care 😛

my ex used to smell everything first whether it was fed to him or not he just had this weird thing about smelling everything! drove me crazy!

Someone told me it’s a lack of trust on the male in the relationship. Personally, I disagree… Maybe a throwback from the caveman days? Who knows…

Scott says that, but the other night I moved a wine cork under his nose to smell it, and he opened his mouth to eat it. ;p Usually, though, he’s very picky about anything I try to feed him.

Maybe men are pickier eaters. I’m trying to think, though, and I don’t think I would eat something fed to me without at least looking at it. I would be a lot more likely than Scott to eat something when he said, “Here, try this.”

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