#$@%ing kids!

I’d have to say that right off the bat, I thought X2 was a better movie than Matrix: Reloaded. However, my bias is skewed simply because of that fucking little 4 or 5 year old shit that would absolutely not shut the fuck up during the dialogue scenes of the Matrix. Yes, some brain-dead father decided to bring all of his kids (including 4 very young children) to watch the Matrix at the same time we did and make it an absolutely unbearable time for everyone else in the theatre. Not only did the kid continually bang on Devina’s seat (she had to move eventually) but s/he kept on babbling incoherent nonsense while the talking was going on. You know that scene at the end where Neo is talking to the Architect? Well, I only got to hear 3 or four words of that entire dialogue…

side rant {

I understand that as parents, it can be hard to go out and catch a flick that you want to see.


If you can not control the way your kids act, stay the damn hell home! Get a baby-sitter, get your mom, brother, sister, aunt, older kid or someone else who you can trust to take care of your kids. I’m so god damn sick of hearing whiny brats complaining about the movie or the drink they want or the seat they want to go to at the top of their lung. I’m even more sick of hearing infants crying in the theatre. Even worse is when the parents don’t care about how much noise their kids make and just continue on as if nothing’s happening. You know what? Your selfishness is ruining it for the rest of us who have to sit there and listen to that whiny brat and not the damn movie. Do you know I have yet to sit in a seat for the past 10 movies where a damn kid keeps on kicking my damn chair because s/he’s bored out of their wits. Take them to see Barney’s next movie, deal with a theatre full of kids and spare us the pain of having to spend 10 bucks for a ticket just to hear your rugrat bitch and moan.

For that matter why the fuck would you bring 4 or 5 year-old kids to watch the Matrix: Reloaded? Didn’t you watch the first one? Don’t you know the level of violence you’re going to subject your kid to? Arrrrrrgh!


Anyhoo, here’s my gripes against the Matrix:

Number one, was all of that sex necessary? Yes we all know they were in love, but watching them get it on for that much time was so not crucial to the rest of the story.

Number two, the fight scenes. While they were certainly amazing, those computer generated fight scenes were just way too fake and that Agent Smith-deathmatch went on just a little bit too long.

Number three, the time allocated for plot versus the time allocated for number one and two. If you cut down on the sex and made those fight scenes just a wee bit shorter (and less CG), perhaps you would have had more time to develop the characters just a bit more.

Either way, it was indeed a kick ass movie and I’m definitely going to have to watch it for the first time again on DVD. I’ll probably have to watch it another 6 more times to fully understand it… If you haven’t watched it, definitely see it. Hopefully you won’t have to deal with the crap that I did.

As for X-Men: X2, it was definitely a better flick in my opinion at the time that I saw it. Even though I am not a fan of Nightcrawler in the comics, I definitely enjoyed how they portrayed him in the movie. However, I (especially Devina) wished that we could have seen more of Collosus and I’m psyched that they showed my fav, Remy LeBeau in the listing of the mutants that they know about. Hopefully they’ll bring him into the next one… My only gripe was again the lack of time to get into some of the other characters in the movie. I definitely would not have minded if both movies were made longer to make them better.

Though here are some X2 questions for those of you out there who are fans of the comics…

SPOILER WARNING!! Don’t read below this if you intend on watching it… Also, you may want to skip the comments as well, as they may contain spoiler material.

Be careful!

I warned ya, so don’t go crying that I or someone else spoiled it for ya because you can’t read… 😉

Ok, I haven’t read the comics in a good amount of years so I may be wrong, but doesn’t Pyro pretty much stick to his own rather than team up with Magneto? Or does he do like the Nightcrawler thing and dabble a bit on both sides before he settles into his own groove?

Also, I don’t seem to recall it now, but did Nightcrawler do anything weird when he first saw Mystique since she is his mom? From what I remember, he didn’t say anything or act weird. I found that pretty odd.

Here’s another… Doesn’t Iceman have a bigger set of balls in the comics than he does in this movie? Or was it just because that he’s really young in this that he didn’t seem to be so cocky like he is in the comics? Couldn’t he have just frozen the lake temporarily at the end, or was that asking too much?

Finally at the end, you see a sort of orange-ish blurb in the water seemingly in the area where Jean Grey dies… Is this the Phoenix?? I know in the comics, she comes back as the Pheonix or uses the Pheonix force or something along those lines… Could that be a prelude to X3? Just curious… 🙂

Here’s a silly question… Wouldn’t Harry Connick Jr. make an excellent Gambit?

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I totally agree with you about the sex scene in the Matrix. It was gratuitous to the point of being stupid. As was the dance scene with which it was interspersed. Yeah, okay. We get it. They party like ravers. Was it really necessary to show all those perky, erect nipples pushing through flimsy fabric while girls jumped up and down?

I also agree with you on the fight scene with all the Smiths. It was cool, but it got old fast, and it was way too long.

But, it was a kick ass movie. 🙂

Oh yeah, I forgot about the gratuitous nipplage… Totally unneeded. I whole-heartedly agree.

Haven’t seen X2 yet, but Bobby Drake has balls in a big way, last I read the comics. And yeah, that is Phoenix at the end — next movie should be Days of Future Past/Sentinels/Dark Phoenix.


I knew Bobby should have acted differently in this movie… Actually, from what I remember, Pyro was a little more subdued than he appears in this movie. So pretty much the way both those people acted should have been switched IMHO.

Either way, I liked seeing both Pyro and Iceman in this one with more speaking roles. I especially liked that prelude to the Pheonix at the end… I overheard some people in the theatre whom I guess were not fans of the comics say that the film had a mistake in it with that orange blur in the water at the end…

The Sentinels are coming in the next one?!?!?! YEAH!!! Oh wait a minute, Pheonix gets rid of them correct? Oh, now I get it… 🙂

Pyro, correct me if I wrong is part of the brotherhood of evil mutants… if so then he is a part of magneto gang.

Nightcrawler does not find out until much later that mystique is his mom. (comic-wise)

Bobby in the movie is young, thus young in the movie equates to usually a wimp or does stupid stuff.

And yep that is a prelude to phoenix…Jean dies and comes back as the phoenix.

As for the matrix I sent you email on that stuff…way to much to write in the comment section…stuff from dann and abul…’nuff said.


I’ll definitely haveta post up that Matrix breakdown e-mail ya sent me. From what little I can say about the actual dialogue that I remember, that whole thing cleared a lot up for me.

Ahhh… Thanks for the clear up with Pyro and Nightcrawler. Does Mystique know as well at this time that this is her son? Obviously, they have the same colored skin and all, but do they run like a test or something and it turns out that he’s her son?

I don’t recall if mystique knew if nightcrawler was her son or not. I don’t think they will follow that part of the story in movie. Besides how can you picture alan cummings as rebecca son?!?!…..story killer!

Questions, questions, questions…

Nightcrawler goes evil? Or just vigilante? Mystique is his mom??

From what I’ve gathered, yes that was the Phoenix. But what is the Phoenix? Someone told me she came back as it. Is she still good?

I can’t wait to see X3. I hope they do a good job with it and hurry up. I don’t ask for much, eh? 😉

Yeah, Nightcrawler kinda dabbled in good and evil from what I remember, but he settled with the XMen. Yup, yup Mystique is his mom, she left him as a baby in their hometown to flee because she was getting ousted by the villlagers or something along those lines.

Well, yes she comes back as the Pheonix which is kinda like an uuber Jean Grey (almost to the level of mind power as Prof X if I am right). Eventually, the power corrupts her and the Pheonix eventually dies leaving the Jean Grey we all know and love alive again. I think that’s the point her and Scott get married too. Not too sure about it though…

If X3 does have the sentinels in it, then it has to be one kick ass movie. Especially since I found this version better than the first which is a rarity these days.

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