I know Kung Fu

And how was your weekend?

Granted it’s been raining here in Jersey non-stop this entire Memorial Day weekend, it has been a pretty good one so far. Finally got the chance to see the ‘rents. My brother, Al, and Devina each came up to my job to pick out some eyeglass frames for themselves before the company closes shop this Friday.

It’s pouring pretty damn hard outside and it’s about to get better.

Devina and I are catching the matinees of the new Matrix and X-Men flicks. She never got to see the first X Men, so I borrowed the DVD from my brother and brought it down here to have her check it out. She dug it and now she knows some of the background when it comes time to see the new flick which I hear is supposed to be better than the first. However, I also heard they strayed from the comic book with some liberties they took. She may not mind, but I’m keeping a watchful eye on this movie…

Hopefully we’ll have a nice empty theatre all to ourselves with all of this rain coming down.

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Heya Davers…I’ll tell you about my weekend. Me and the bf broke up for a few hours, but all is well now, long story, we’ll talk later about that. I moved back into the dorms yesterday, both elevators were broken, so I had to hike up 14 flights of stairs 5 or 6 times, ugh!! To add to this, I spent the night by myself last night, because my roomie (that I don’t know) decided she wasn’t moving in yesterday on “move in day”. She may not come at all, which would be kinda cool I think.

Anyways, you and Devina have fun at the movies, and don’t misbehave too badly…*:grin:*

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