I got your dirify right here!

Things may or may not look quite so right here this morning. I am attempting to change the way my archiving system works.

Please excuse any “odd” occurences. 🙂

:: update ::

Wooo! It worked perfectly for the most part.

Thanks to him and her, I was pointed in the correct direction for figuring out what I wanted to do a couple of days ago.

I also got rid of the calendar because I truly see no use for it on this site. It’s personally never served me any purpose and if anyone wants to look at my archives, I’m in the middle of creating a pull down version of the archives for that purpose. I liked the calendar I created back when this blog was completely done in ASP because I could go backwards or forwards in time with it, thus there was no need for a set of archived pages. I’d love to have more free time to become more proficient in PHP to be able to recreate the calendar in the way I did it in ASP, but for now that’s not a possibility. Eh well… No biggie just yet, but someday I’ll recreate it. 🙂

The one drawback with this new form of archiving is that it threw off the ‘Recent Comments’ sidebar which really sucks. For some reason, the link to read the comments was being created for the old style of archiving, (0001.php) which caused problems with new entries because new entries are going to be created the new way.

This is the way it was set before the changes. After my archiving changes, it still created links in the older style with the numbered pages. This was bad as it would invalidate all new entries.

<$MTCommentAuthorLink show_email="0"$>:
<$MTCommentBody convert_breaks="0" remove_html="1" trim_to="100"$>...
[.php#">read on]

So, I tried changing it to:

<$MTCommentAuthorLink show_email="0"$>:
<$MTCommentBody convert_breaks="0" remove_html="1" trim_to="100"$>...
<$MTEntryTitle dirify="1"$>.php#">read on]

Since this is the way the new entries are created and I kept on getting some error about using the MTEntry tag within the MTComments tag which was not allowed. So, for the next couple of days, I have to figure out the proper way to show the link…

But, at least I have this archiving the way I want it to, so that’s a good step in the right direction. 🙂

:: update ::


<$MTCommentAuthorLink show_email="0"$>:
<$MTCommentBody convert_breaks="0" trim_to="100" remove_html="1"$>

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Wooo! Thanks again to her for the information. 🙂

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