I’m your pain when you can’t feel

I finally got around to watching the Icon: Metallica special on MTV this weekend, however I missed the beginning couple of acts. I really wanted to hear Sum 41’s Metalli-medley as well as StainD’s rendition of “Nothing Else Matters” as I heard they were both pretty good. Unfortunately, I had the absolute displeasure of watching that no-talent hack Avril butcher “Fuel.” I swear my left butt cheek has more talent than that putz…

Even worse was listening to Snoop completely fuck up on of my fav’s off the black album, “Sad But True.” I mean christ Snoop, you didn’t even try to sing that damn song!

Korn’s version of “One” was quite interesting, though I found it kind of funny that they couldn’t keep up the fast-paced tempo when it came time to do the “faster” double-time part with the double-bass and staccato guitar riffs. They tried of course, but those boys just couldn’t keep up. Either way, I liked their unique rendition of that song.

I must admit that when I found out Limp Bizkit was performing as well, I didn’t think they could do the band justice. However, their version of “Sanitarium” was pretty damn awesome… I was half expecting a huge mosh pit to erupt in the middle of the audience with chairs flying all over the place. That would have been a sight eh? 😉

Last but not least, my boys still got the hard crunching juice running through their veins with their medley of tunes. I liked that they did “Blackened”, “Battery” and “Hit the Lights” as well… You rarely get to see these guys do those songs nowadays after they schlepped off their hair. I’m still a little iffy about the new bassist Robert and how he looks and performs in comparison with the rest of the band. Since their new album due out soon did not have any of his input in the creation of the songs and music, (their producer Bob Rock filled in the bass part) it will be interesting to see what their album after this one coming out will be like. I must admit though, I did like that new song they performed at the end. It had the crunch of old that I sorely missed, but an extra infusion of funk almost… I’m definitely looking forward to St. Anger when it hits the stores.

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I found the whole thing really good. Thought Jim Bruer did an excellant job being James because Yes James you do sound like that sometimes. I wasn’t a fan of the Limp at all. They annoy the hell out of me. Fred can’t sing at all and they pump the reverb up on his voice so much for every song to cover this. I agree with you about Korn. It was decent until they got to the faster part with the double bass. That is hard to do and Lars is excellent. Not surprised they didn’t pull it off. I think I would have covered Master of Puppets or something a little easier. Avril…how did she get invited. I mean she probably owns Black if any album. She couldn’t answer 1 damn question that Ian (MTV Guy) was asking her before hand.

I too am a little unsure about Robert really fitting in. He’s a little too animated for this band I think, but we shall see. He was good with Suicidal Tendancies so maybe he will surprise us. I just wiss Jason Newsted could have stuck around. I mean he wasn’t better than Cliff but he was close.

Hopefully their tour won’t suck too badly with some of these bands on the bill. What happened to the good ol days?? Metallica/G-n-R with Axl getting pissed and just causing riots and all kinds of problems.

I completely forgot about Jim’s improviation of the band. That really was hilarious.. Though, I would have also liked to see what he would have done with Kirk also. Then again, Kirk doesn’t talk very much during a concert… His Lars impression was also dead on. LOL

Yeah, I’m waiting on their next album to see how Robert fits in… Like you, I thought it was an odd choice in a bass player being that he was from Tendencies (such a kick ass band). As for Jason, I loved him in the band, however I got the feeling, he just wasn’t too keen on the direction the band was going to musically. I think he (like a lot of us) prefer the more raw and crunchier version of Metallica other than their current style of playing. I dig his new band though… Very ummm… Different is how I like to put it… Hehe.

You know, I’m not even going to the concerts… Personally, I’m rather insulted as a Metallica fan that they chose to tour with some of the groups they are touring with. They’re doing it purely on the fact that they can draw in a younger nu-metal {cough}crap{cough} crowd to get more of their CD’s. I guess they don’t realize that they can still sell out stadiums strictly on their own merit without the need for such crappy bands to give their name more oomph.

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