Table manners

Here’s another Philly question for y’all.

Are restaurants and shops dead during the week at about 7pm or so? Devina went shopping on Monday in Philly and was a little saddened at the fact that a great deal of places were closed by 7pm. I managed to drive down yesterday to find a good place to eat with her and again we noticed how stuff seemed either dead to the world or closed at around 7pm in the area of South Street leading down towards 1st Street. Not that we minded of course, but it just felt odd to be in a place where shops and restaurants close this early.

Anyway, we were walking around finding a place to eat and happened upon Nola which served Cajun food. While, I doubt it could ever be the real Nola down in Cajun country, it wasn’t half bad. I’m a huge gumbo fan, so I ordered theirs as well as their jambalaya. Unfortunately, the gumbo was disturbingly thick and tasted rather bland which is definitely not recommended if you are used to eating those culinary delights. Their jambalaya however was booyah! I haven’t had a jambalaya that full of seafood goodness in ages. It had just the right amount of kick to it, which I dug very much as well. Devina wound up having a very delicious, yet ultra spicy Cajun red snapper with veggies which made her extremely happy since red snapper’s her favorite fish. We were pretty put off at the final bill because it was a bit more than we thought the whole experience was worth. The food is good, the atmosphere was very quaint and romantic, however for the price we paid for the food plus 2 glasses of wine, I wouldn’t go there again. I’d rather spend that type of money at Morimoto.

One thing that kept my attention during our meal was this other couple who were on a first date. I felt pretty bad for the guy because every 15 minutes the girl kept on interrupting their conversation and answering her cell phone. You could tell the guy got annoyed after like the 3rd time it happened. He just bowed his head in a “why me” fashion and poked at his salad while she was yapping away to whomever on her cell.

It wasn’t like a quick “hi, bye” thing either. She spent like a good 5-10 minutes on each conversation!

You know, that’s just fucking rude. If you’re on a date or at some other social event, either turn off your cell or set the calls to go directly to voice mail. If I were that guy, I’d have just gotten the waiter, paid the bill and just left her there eating her food while yapping it up on the phone. That shit’s just fucking inexcusable on a date with someone. Grrrr…