No gas, no smack

I’ve got a couple of gripes about Pennsylvania, well rather just two questions regarding Route 95 in general.

First, what is up with barely any signs on the road letting you know there’s a gas station located off an exit? I see signs all over the place letting you know where there’s a McDonalds, but I only saw one in my entire drive from Joisey to Philly yesterday that let you know there was a gas station there. Not that I needed gas or anything, but I really love filling my own car with gas, so I would have taken advantage of it if I saw one. I get some weird kick out pumping my own gas and the morons running the show here in Jersey think it’s best to let it’s lovely citizens not pump their own gas. Bah!

Second, what in the world is up with those heroin billboard ads on the highway? You’ll see the typical car ads, the movie ads, the radio ads and then a heroin detox one… I don’t know, it just struck me as odd to see those types of ads (only two of them though) on a highway. Is the smack situation that bad that you have to advertise it?

Anyway the reason for these questions is that yesterday I was driving down to Philly to drop off my schmoopie at a hotel for this conference she’s at for the next couple of days. We got there pretty late, so we only got room service and skipped going to our usual hang outs since I had to drive back to Jersey to get ready for work today. I’ll probably drive back and forth after work for the next couple of days (about a 40 minute drive one way) to take advantage of the fact that her dinners are paid for the next couple of days. Hopefully we’ll get to check out some restaurants we haven’t eaten at yet…

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If you think the heroin ads are bad, you should have seen the DNA testing ads that recently came down — call 1800 Who’s your daddy! Bwah!

Oh please. Y’all thinking seeing smack and DNA billboards are bad, these people have billboards in Dallas advertising homicide/suicide cleanup. They do it very tastefully with a yellow and red background and a white body outline.

Hehe… Wow! Homocide cleanup? I didn’t know it was that bad down there…

Darren, I totally agree with ya… It’s like we’re on our own little island here.

I absolutely hate pumping my own gas. The only reason why I do it is because most of the time it’s cheaper to do it yourself than to have someone do it for you. If I have a guy in the car, I usually make him pump the gas for me. 🙂 Guys don’t really mind it though – makes them feel all manly and stuff.

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