Does that come with Pitfall?

I just upgraded the web stats program that I use and when I ran my report, I noticed something pretty odd:

Does Pitfall come with this?

Can this be? Has someone made a sufable Atari or is there an Atari machine that acts like a PC? Or did someone just munge their referrer data to show this? If so… How does one do this?

I’d like to show up in people’s stats as the HAL 9000. Now how much ass would that kick?

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Yes, you can screw with your referral data. There are programs on the market to do so, and I’m assuming you can also hack it yourself, although I haven’t figure out how to. Yet. 😉

One of mine consistently comes thru as “Nutscrape”. 🙂

I once saw a guy’s stats that had a visitor browsing on a Timex Sinclair. I have heard of people surfing with Atari 400’s as well as IBM XT’s

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