Will that be acrylic wraps?

So I am listening to the radio on my way down from work and heard something that just bothered the ever living crap out of me.

She posed a question to the listeners on if they find men who get manicures and wear clear nail polish attractive. To even it out, she also asked the same about those 20 foot nails you see women sport every once in a while with jewelry on them.

Personally, I think women with overly long nails (I’m talking 3+ inches here) have way too much free time on their hands and I find that look rather trashy. As to how these women can wipe their asses without destroying the area with those raven’s claws is way beyond my comprehension anyway.

As for the men with manicures, I see no big deal with it. Though it was surprising to hear how many NJ women find it rather feminine and a huge turn-off seeing well-manicured hands.

Anyway, that’s not what shocked me.

See, there was this woman who called and started talking about how she loved seeing men with clear nail polish on them. Then she stated that ever since he son was 3 years old, she’s been taking him to her manicurist shop. This boy is now 7 years old and he begs her to take him to see his manicurist now about every week…

Does anyone see anything wrong with this or am I being too close-minded?

Let me tell you the firestorm that comment caused with the listeners after her… Personally, I think the kid’s going to go through a HELL of a lot of therapy when he’s grown up to get over this one. I mean how could you subject a kid (boy or girl) to getting a manicure at such an early age? They’re supposed to get dirty, slop around in mud, get cuts, bruised, etc. Can you just imagine the teasing this poor kid would probably go through once the kids at school find out about this doozy? What I’m wondering is what does the father say about this if there even is a father in that family…

I don’t know, having manicures at 7 years old is just a wee bit too twisted for my tastes and my tastes are pretty sick…

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I agree with the claws sentiment.

It was odd. As I was reading your entry, it occurred to me that I would probably think a man wearing clear fingernail polish was weird, but I love it when guys wear dark colors. I remember when Oz had black fingernails on Buffy. I thought that was so hot.

But clear? Ewie.

As for the boy, I don’t really know what to think. The radio station probably didn’t take the time to get the whole story. Maybe it’s a bonding experience. Maybe he gets dirty all week, and the manicure is his chance to clean up. I really have no idea. It does strike me as kind of odd though…

I’m pretty open minded but that is just so not setting right with me for some reason
and definitely those claws on a chick is just……….ew 🙂

kids shouldn’t be pampered like that. kids shouldn’t be pampered at all, really. alright – maybe I’m the only one who feels that tough love is true love.

My brother used to get a manicure when he was a kid. That is when my sister and I would hold him down and paint his nails because we ran out of our own nails to paint. The poor kid. And it wasn’t a weekly tradition since he was three either. It was one time. And then we got yelled at by Mom.


And I can barely type if my nails grow to a length that would look pretty for an event, let alone three inch nails.

Melissa: Hehe… Yeah… I remember Oz wearing the black fingernail polish… It does look really cool. I knew this pothead who grew his pinky nail really long to use it as sort of a roach clip and he painted it black too. That definitely looked cool… Yeah, the mom knew what she did was making him too much of a momma’s boy, but she still said she felt like doing it regardless of what all of her friends said.

Gnome: I’m so with ya. It’s just totally wrong in my eyes to have some kid get a manicure at that age.

Julia: I’m with ya on that one too Julia.

Amanda: I would totally understand that if it was like a joke that she playe don her son or something. Then again the crap I did to my sis was pretty bad too! LOL.

Typing, wiping, hell, even putting in contacts?! I just don’t get it.

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