I should have called the cops

Devina and I were by the local Borders and on our way to grab some dinner at this place.

As we’re on the road which leaves the parking lot, I’m about to make a left turn to get onto the road that takes us out to Route 1. I notice the car that’s making a left onto the road where I am on is taking it pretty wide so I am focusing my attention to him. As I make my left turn, I hear Devina let out a huge scream and then as I look her way, there’s a guy on a bike bearing down as he’s getting ready to slam into my car. I stop, he hits, he falls, I put the car in park, grab my cell phone and dial 911 as I am racing around to make sure the biker is all right. Some random guy coming out from the Bed Bath and Beyond runs right over to look at the guy and starts asking him if he’s all right. I look down at him, ask him if he’s ok and apologize PROFUSELY as I am telling him I am about to talk to 911 now as I hear the operator. He immediately says “No police” and the other guy and myself both look at him oddly since I hit the guy and he’s sprawled on the floor.

So, he repeats it again and I just hang up. I glanced over him and did not notice any outward cuts or bruises or anything of the sort. His bike is laying on the ground next to him and I noticed it wasn’t damaged at all as well. I figured at the very least, his tire would be all whacked out of shape but nada. He then gets up and is understandably furious at me and asks why I did not see him. I tell him how I was noticing the other car making an odd wide turn and kept on asking him if he wanted the police and an ambulance there. He again told me he was ok and did not want the police there as he was checking himself for cuts and stuff. The other guy grabbed his bike and propped it up for him and he grabbed it and started to walk away. Then for some odd reason, he apologized for the tiny dent his body made on the passenger side door and I’m like, “It’s just a car, I’m worried about you…” and again I apologized and asked him if he was hurt and wanted an ambulance. Again he declined as he just started walking off with his bike towards the sidewalk. I stand outside my car by the driver’s side now and watched him start walking away… I guess he was just embarrassed or something and that’s why he didn’t make a big deal of it. Meanwhile, I’m all sorts of fucking freaked out. Ugh…

I remember when I was in high school, I was racing down the main strip in town on my bike and did not notice a lady open her car door. Yup, I slammed into it, flew off the bike and landed in the middle of the street as a car screeched to a stop about a foot or so from my head. Tons of people got around me and asked if I was ok and I was all sorts of hurtin’, however it was mostly out of embarrassment. Just like this guy, I just got up, grabbed my bike and walked away. Though in my case, my tire was all sorts of fucked up and I walked my bike towards one of my best friend’s house, Leo. He came down, saw me all cut up and bruised and then noticed the shape of my bike and asked me what happened. I went in and his mom all sorts of freaked out and put band-aids everywhere on me… Right now, I can only remember feeling all sorts of embarrassed at that point though, most probably just like the guy I hit today…

Man, I should have called the cops though. That would have been the right thing to do and everything would have been properly documented and they would have made sure the guy was ok.

I know this is a pretty fucked up thought, but what’s to say this guy won’t say it was a hit and run or something?

I’m completely freaked out now…

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Whoa, that is scary. I wouldn’t worry about it anymore though. If he trys anything, you have at least two witnesses. If he didn’t hit hard enough to hurt his bike, he’s probably ok too. I betcha he’s logging onto his blog right now how some idiot drove right in front of him on his bike. HA!

Wow Dave, what an eventful weekend! I wouldn’t worry…if he insisted on you not calling the cops maybe something was wrong with him, like maybe he had been drinking or had drugs in his system. Oh well, as long as you and Devina are ok that’s what matters.

That’s pretty crazy… No blood no damage…
But not as crazy as what I saw 2 weeks ago. I saw a biker get run over at the intersection of RTs 1 & 18. Needless to say that guy did not get up 🙁

That’s pretty scary but you know, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Because think about it – some people don’t like to draw attention to themselves, especially if they feel what happened wasn’t a big deal.

Also, he could have no insurance so if he was hurt, he’d have to pay out of pocket or have has wages garnished and whatever. And if he’s just chillin on a bike all day, chances are his wages aren’t that great and he can’t afford medical care.

Also, what if he was an illegal immigrant. For sure he wouldn’t have wanted you to call the police. Besides, you have a halfway decent defense – if he walks away, you’re the hitter and he’s the runner. He should have stayed had he felt he was going to make a claim.

Robbie: HAHAHA! You know, I shoudl start looking for this on Google. They should have the entry cached by now… 🙂 Wouldn’t that be funny?

Julia, Lyns: Yeah… Perhaps something was funky on his side. Who knows why he didn’t want us calling the cops.

Adrian: Holy shit dude, that sucks. Then again what type of dumbass tries to cross that death trap there anyway?? Car’s speed around that blind turn like at 60+ mph! Ya gotta wonder about some people sometime.

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