Resistance is fut.. Err boring.

While I was on the hunt for a pic of the starship Enterprise for my last post, I ran into what’s on for next week’s Enterprise. I am not amused at all and I need to rant a little… You can skip over this if you wish.

Ok, why is it that when ratings are down the otherwise brilliant writers at the Star Trek shops, HAVE TO throw in a time travel (shifting, paradox, etc) or Borg episode to get the ratings up? Here’s an episode where they don’t mention the Borg by name, but come on?!?! Tight black Dieter (think SNL Sprockets, ya know “Touch my monkey, feel my monkey, touch it, feel it, love it.”) outfits with blenders on their heads, that’s the freaggin’ Borg. Wasn’t it Picard who first ran into the Borg on this episode of “The Next Generation” which is WAY beyond this series’ timeline? You can also say that in this episode of Voyager there’s an allusion to meeting them earlier, but to me it falls very close to the time when Picard saw them with regards to timeline. Then there’s this episode where they refer to some unknown force that has obliterated some outposts along the Neutral Zone… You don’t really know what it is, but it is now assumed to be the Borg. Again, it’s not completely noted in ST history as the Borg until Picard went mano a mano them.

Man, I’m scaring myself with what I know of the episodes… WHY AM I NOT WRITING FOR THEM?

Anyway, perhaps this is the wreckage from the Borg ship that was destroyed in First Contact because that happened before this series takes place (notice the time shifts and the problems it causes). However, they’re going to have to do a very good job at tying things together to keep this from mucking up an already not so hot show.

I’m definitely watching this show (while nitpicking the shit out of it) and giving the writers the benefit of the doubt, but I’m rather displeased about this whole series in general so far. Granted, I didn’t find the first couple of seasons appealing for any of the other Trek series, this one really isn’t getting the job done. I really hope that the writers get on the ball for the third season (if there even is one) up until the series ends. They’ve got a really good cast, but the ST writers need to work on character development and original stories way more than just rehashing old plots if this show is going to be great.