Chopper Hair

So how does one exactly talk a hair stylist into doing something like this? For that matter, how much does something like this run?

You know, I’d like to able to grow my hair long enough to be able to reproduce the Starship Enterprise… Whatcha think?

Via my bud Lindsey

6 replies on “Chopper Hair”

Goodness mercy… what the heck was she thinking?

“I want something mobile… Something that says… I move with the times! Humvee is too boxy… Titanic is too long… Let’s do a Huey!”

Action figures?!??!! ROTFLMAO!!!

That would so rock.. Little GI Joe men dropping down… “hut hut hut hut hut hut hut”

hahah oh man ghetto hairdos. I’m sure they could find extentions long enough to recreate the starship enterprise. you know those hair-artists really make big winnings. they enter shows and make crazy hairdos and win prizes. my sister’s friend is studying cosmetology, and they take her to shows where the hair looks like those un-beweavable contests on ricki lake

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