Chicks in glasses are sex-ay

Jen’s starting up a little specs meme for this fine day… Why not show her some good lovin’?

Do you wear glasses?
Yes I do, though not usually in public because they are fairly thick and contacts are just easier for me now.

Are they prescription or just for looks?
Prescription, though since they are from my company, they also look quite snazzy.

Do you also wear contacts, or only your glasses?
Mostly contacts unless I am at home.

Do you consider them a fashion accessory, or something you wish you didn’t have to wear?
Who wouldn’t want perfect eyesight without the aid of something? They are something I wish I didn’t have to wear.

Do you think that glasses are sexy? More so on women or men, or on both?
Hell’s yeah, granted they aren’t coke bottles that is… 😉 Women are uber sexy in a nice set of specs IMHO.

Does it make them look “smarter” or just “geeky”?
Smarter in a sexy geeky sort of way… 😉

Have you worn glasses your whole life, or just as an adult?
Since I was in the second grade.

Would you ever consider having your eyes surgically altered so you wouldn’t have to wear glasses?
I would, but only after I see people who have had that laser procedure after 20 years or so. Wouldn’t it suck if by some shit ass luck everyone who has had laser eye surgery go blind within 20 years??

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Can you see me?
I couldn’t resist participating in Jen’s glasses meme… do you wear glasses? Yes I do. See? are they prescription or…

I’ll don the glasses once I get a haircut and this David Hasslehoff look goes away… Nothing worse that coke bottles on a guy with too much hair. LOL

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