Twenty questions

Just couldn’t help myself today, now that I have a nice sake buzz going. Found over at Coley’s.

1. Who is your best online friend?
Wow… It’s a toss up I’d say between my buds Lindsey, Julia and Jenna.

2. Who is your oldest online friend?
By far my friend Lindsey.

3. Who is your newest online friend?
Ummm, my new friend Tatia, she keeps me company while I’m toiling away at work.

4. Do you write your own HTML or use an editor? Which editor?
Write my own, there’s no other way. Most of my coding nowadays is done solely in Emacs over SSH.

5. Which browser do you prefer?
Internet Explorer for now.

6. What’s on your computer desk, apart from the PC?
2 USB mice, 2 sets of speakers, 2 pictures of Devina, lots of books, pens, sake cup, Palm cradle, watch, wireless router, network switch, and a webcam.

7. Which page is your start page?
It loads up a blank page to make it come up faster.

8. How many email addresses do you have?
Too damn many.

9. Which version of Windows do you use?
XP Professional or Redhat 7.3.

10. How many hours a day do you spend online?
Too damn many. Not including work…

11. If you use a graphics program, which one do you use?
Photoshop 7

12. How many emails do you get a day?
Not as much as I used to. sniff sniff…

13. Which is your favourite website?
You take a pick, they’re all my favorites.

14. Which instant messenger do you use?
Mostly AOL Instant Messenger and ICQ nowadays.

15. Which is your favourite computer game?
Ultima Online, I am fiendishly addicted to it now.

16. Do you use chatrooms? If so, which is your favourite?
I hate those places…

17. What size monitor do you have?
19″ with a 1280×1024 resolution.

18. What sort of connection do you have?
Cable modem tweaked up to 9mb downloads (I LOVE LINUX).

19. What’s your favourite computer add-on e.g. webcam?
My Asus TV Tuner card.

20. When did you first get online?
Back in 1993 when I got to Rutgers.

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Thanks for the recognition Davers! I can’t believe I’m in the top 3 for best online friends, what an honor, hehe. Just remember, you’re the one I come to for all of my relationship advice, I’m glad you don’t charge by the hour!

Is It Bigger Than A Breadbox?
Shamelessly snagged from Dave… 1. Who is your best online friend? I’m going to take the chicken way out on this one, because I cannot narrow it down to just one. A. 😉 2. Who is your oldest online friend?…

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