Sake it to me!

Ahhh, a good end to a good weekend.

Take a gander at the photo album. Devina and I (under the recommendation of my ambassador of culture) went to a pretty cool outdoor museum to soak up the spring sun. It’s not as large as I thought it would be, but it definitely is a great way to spend a sunny spring day waking around. Afterwards, we went to our favorite sushi restaurant for some good tasty treats and warm sake. 🙂

The sake was so good, we’re having a second round of it right now…

3 replies on “Sake it to me!”

LOL! Ambassador of Culture huh? Good one. Now if I could only have one of those stuffy tuxedos decorated with a sash across my chest adorned with lots of medals. Ahh yeah all distinguished and the bomb diggidy! Maybe I could meet the Queen of England too?! Glad you liked the museum. It’s not that big but it’s a goody. I kind of like the size, you don’t get overwhelmed with too much art. A good way to have a romantic date with your special someone walking around enjoying the scenery.

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