Orville can bite my ass

Call me crazy, call me sick, call me the son of a motherless goat…

I can not stand popcorn and more importantly I hate the scent of it after it came out of the microwave.

Right now, someone made some popcorn and it’s sickingly buttery scent has wafted it’s way into my department. Everyone is jonesing for the stuff now but me. It’s like they’re on catnip or something… Man this is hell!

I should walk around and drop fart bombs to combat this wretched odor, that oughta learn them.

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And I blame your insanity on the fact that you read BlodDaddy cuz he is the craziest mother fucker I ever met.

I’ll take the JUMBO bucket o’corn with enough butter to clog an interstate please…

P.S. Nice blog…Calvin and Hobbes make the world go round.

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