Puff puff GIVE

This year Easter happens to fall on a much more fun holiday well known to most people who choose to partake in the smoking of the funky green stuff.

Yes folks, 420 day is right around the corner.

A momentous occasion where young and old alike run around giggling their asses off with a bad case of the cotton mouth all asking that elusive question:

“Yo, you have anything to eat??”

10 replies on “Puff puff GIVE”

Hey Dave! How you doin? (long island accent)
Just thought I would say hi how are ya. Greetings from the stinky, hot, humid, miserable, but glorious Persian Gulf!
Love the new layout, hope its not too old, but i’ve kinda been outta touch.
The live preview is da dopeness. Take care!
PN2 Hernandez …uhhhh Misha hehe silly i know

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