Lascivious to go

I’ve been noticing in my stats lately that a there are some people viewing this site in both Lynx and via AvantGo (for their PDA’s I assume). So, I loaded my site up on each of these browsers and I thoroughly did not like what I saw. In Lynx, everything essentially showed up, but to get to my entries you’d have to scroll towards the bottom of the page.

Not good.

In AvantGo, sort of the same thing happened, but you have to scroll a bit on the side to view the blog entries.

Not good.

So, I switched things around to get the entries showing up first in these mediums as opposed to having to scroll to get to the meat and potatoes. It works fine in Lynx, however you still have to scroll some for AvantGo. So, I created a PDA-friendly page so that you may grab the newest stuff via AvantGo..

As for whomever is viewing my site in Lynx, you have to let me know who you are.