How not to pack your laptop

Every once in a while, one of our sales reps needs to send in their laptops for rebuilds or repairs. After I get it, I work my magic and if it doesn’t pan out, it goes to the crappy-ass warranty company we use for repairs.

It’s always amazing how the reps package these machines up to get it to me…

Sometimes they come in those flimsy skinny Priority Mail boxes without any form of padding. These are the people that thought you closed the lid to turn off the laptop and then complained about the crappy battery life.

Other times, it comes in a box 700 times larger than the laptop with tons and tons of those peanut shells. These are the people that call me up every 10 minutes about the newest e-mail hoax they get in their mailbox and then have the balls to ask me why it was bad to delete that file with the bear icon on it.

Today I got a very nicely packed box with this writing on the outside of it:

Master Bath
“Wall Closet”
“Shaving Stuff”
Pink Towels
“Period Crap”

Yup, it’s a guy that packed this all right…