Daytime TV not that bad

So I’ve been stuck at home the last couple of days with a case of the flu. It’s not too bad because I’ve been catching up on e-mail, chatting with old friends and helping out a way cool blogger get her blog up to snuff code-wise. 🙂

I’ve been scared to turn on the TV because of how bad daytime TV is, but I learned something just now. It’s pretty damn good if you have a decent array of channels at your disposal.

I started at noon watching yesterday’s Screen Savers and then I made some grub for Devina who was coming home from lunch to keep me company.

Then MacGyver was on from 1pm until 2pm.

Now, the A-Team is on.

Next is Call for Help.

At 4pm, the X-Files is on and finally at 5pm Knight Rider is on.

I feel like I’m in grade school again with all of these 80’s shows playing!

Now if only I had wood floors, a corn husk broom and a pair of tidy whities…

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Kim just posted on this the other day — she went nuts as there was nothing on for almost three weeks. And we have digital cable!

If not for Tech TV, she mighta gone insane.

TechTV was a god send… As soon as digital cable was available to us here in my area, I nabbed it as fast as I could to be able to watch TechTV.

Don’t forget the chancleta chasing your brown behind every once in while in case you forgot to clean up after yourself or what not! Daytime TV is actually okay. Sci-Fi channel always have Stargate SG-1 reruns and TNT have Charmed reruns. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have a day job so I can catch up on all my favorite shows.

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