When does it end?

Remember those shit head kids I was talking about a little while ago? Well, they upped the ante yesterday…

I have no clue why, but they decided to start bashing in a fence that surrounds our parking lot to make a nice big hole that anyone can come in through now. When she saw this, Devina went out to stop them and then left a message for the site manager, so that he knows about it. It worked for a little while.

However when they came back to continue their merry fun, one of the little fucks started messing around with my car. From our apartment, it looked like he was scratching up my car with a small metal pole type of object, so I ran out with my digicam and immediately snapped a photo of him. Just as all of the kids were running away, I called him over and asked him why he did it. As he told me that he didn’t do it, I snapped another pic of him (I swear these kids really are this stupid) and he ran off. I then called the cops since I figured there was some major damage done to the side of my car and I wanted it documented.

When I got to my car, I didn’t notice any scratches on the finish. *:whew:* Though I did notice that my rear tire valve cap was off and that he must have been releasing air from the tire because it looked a little low. He also pried off a Nissan emblem from my wheels which is nowhere to be found now.

A few minutes later, one of North Brunswick’s finest came by and we discussed what happened as he questioned most of the kids involved. Of course they admitted not knowing anything, but I could tell from the officer that he didn’t believe a word they were saying. Unfortunately, there’s not much he can do, however the site manager can do a hell of a lot more for me. I’ve got a nice crisp image of the kid and hopefully he can use this image to get me his parent’s name and information.

Devina told me that anyone who gets in trouble with the authorities within the complex immediately gets evicted from the place. I wonder what will happen to this family once I get this information to the management’s office. Personally, I don’t care if they throw them out… Fucking around with my (or anyones else’s) car and causing damage to private property is just fucking inexcusable.

You know what sucks the most now? My car will forever be a target to those little pieces of shit. Luckily I get back from work too late for them to be allowed out, but on the weekend’s I’m not leaving my car there. What’s to say there’s those fuckers aren’t going to do more damage to it like chuck a brick at my windshield? Even the cop eluded to the fact that my car had “free reign” written all over it and that I had to be more careful now.


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That totally sucks! I hope this is the end of it, though I suspect you’re right and your call will likely be targetted.

Like I said, this sucks.

time to get a vespa babee 🙂 seriously I hope they leave your car alone that would suck to have to be on “alert” all the time 🙁

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