Church of the poisoned mind

The Catholic religion’s ridiculous and hypocritical stance on homosexuality is pretty well-known. Now it seems that those wild and zany Vaticanites have finally gone over the edge now.

Vatican glossary angers gay groups

The Vatican released a new glossary of sexual terms on Monday that describes homosexuality as a condition “without any social value,” and claims that people with “profoundly disordered minds” populate countries that allow same-sex marriages.

Hmmph, I’ll tell you who has no social value and a profoundly disordered mind…

All of those damned CATHOLIC priests who took advantage of the countless amounts of children under their care, that’s who!

And people wonder why I’m not the least bit religious…

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I was born and raised Catholic but I never followed it faithfully. I didn’t want to live my life going by what a bunch of hypocrites taught me..I want to live my life the way I see fit and what I’m comfortable doing.

I have nothing against homosexuals, I surround myself with them every day and they’re a great bunch. But the way the Catholic church perceive homosexuality, it’s as if they’re uncivilized. It’s human nature to love whomever you want as you please.

I bet the nuns at my old school probably hate me now.

Many living people on earth has been alive for less than 20 years, and certainly nobody has lived for 200 years. Why would you think you have more knowledge and experience than an organization that has thrived for 2000 years? People who have a thing against the Catholic Church know almost nothing about its history and its continual growth. Because its human, you have to remember that it can’t be perfect, but realize that you have to be a part of it to make needed changes.

Protestantism has been around for only a few hunded years. They say they have the version of Christianity that most resembles the early Christian community, but they forget that the early Christians had their community meal in much the same way as today’s Eucharist. Churches that lack that are seriously lacking a key aspect of the early Christian communities.

I do not condone the asshole priests who fondled little kids. Remember, however, that it was a very small minority of priests who did such things. The percentage of priests who screwed up is much smaller than the percentage of the general population that screwed up. The numbers speak good will toward these men when one ignores media sensationalism. (Media corporations control your mind when they show you only what they want you to see. Taking one side of the story at face value is ignorance, no matter what that single source is.) Do you know for sure that your next door neighbor isn’t a child molester? I just found out a week ago that I have one such neighbor, and I’ve lived at my current residence for entire life up to this point.

The problem with homosexuality only sprang up in the last few decades. Gay people have been around for much longer than that. Why is that? Let me tell you what I think…

The idea of the purpose of marriage for people who lived before the 20th century was as a union in love for procreation. This contract of bearing and rearing children, however, slowly evaporated in the 20th century. Marriages were seen as purely love between two individuals. Without this idea of procreation as a requirement of marriage and without the notion of consumated marriages, a hole is left for homosexual marriages.

Marriage is much more than love. Marriage is between a man and a woman. The family is the only Divine institution, and without it, life cannot exist. Within the family, every human is born (or at least should be born).

I’m a member of the Green party. I’m quite liberal. I really say this not out of a conservative bias but rather out of personal, individual belief.

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