Some like it hot

Here’s a car question.

Lately, I’ve been getting some terrific gas mileage on my car and oddly enough, it’s getting better as it gets warmer. Since I got my Tera last September (or was it August), I’ve been averaging roughly 350-365 miles before I’m in dire need of a fill-up (a hair below the E). This isn’t too bad because it comes down to about 27-28 mpg which is slightly more than the national average for my car in combined driving areas.

Anyway, with the warmer weather approaching, I’ve been getting much better gas mileage. I’m pulling in at least 30-40 extra miles before I need to fill up again. Just last week, I filled up at 405 miles and this last fill-up has me on pace to go to 415 or so! Other than typical maintenance, no work has been done on my car and as a matter of fact, I am overdue for my 60,000 mile tune-up. Go figure!

This can’t be normal correct?

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oh gosh, i get terrible gas milage, but i drive a big v-8 and i drive it hard. and all i know is it breaks the bank to fill that bad boy up. so, heck if i know what you’re talking about warm vs. cold weather.

Well two things, it can be because they switched over from oxygenated fuel, stuff they use over the winter, supposedly burns cleaner for the winter, but is less efficient. Also in warmer weather the car warms up much faster and is more efficient when its warmer. Less time to warm up, driving at a brisk speed rather than stop in go traffic in winter/snow weather (?), etc.

Or of course another reason is that you are driving less as a madman, ie. your high school/college years. So rather than stomping on the gas, you actually lightly depress the gas pedal. However you shouldn’t be able to get like 5-10 mileage difference…those above things usually account for like 1-2 mpg. I think your car is possess and take over when you are driving and also deposit you downtown NB, next to Picken Chicken late Sat. night. Nice knowing you, do not pass go and do not collect $200.

Al… You’re smoking some pretty good crack man… *:lol:*

Yes, I have been driving a great dela more carefully, but that’s been since my last car got wrecked, so as for why my car’s doing that now. I have no damn clue…

Mmmmm… Picken Chicken… *:homer drool:*

I checked with Seymour — the answer is indeed the winter/summer gas. The oxygenated fuel in the winter burns differently and you get less miles/gallon. He noticed the same thing with his truck in recent weeks.

He also says that when you get the valve adustment on your 60,000 mile service, the mileage/gallon will go back down to what you are used to, so if the car doesn’t need a valve adjustment (talk to your technician) you might be able to get away with not having it done this go round and maintaining this fabulous fuel mileage. (Be sure to talk to your technician, though, about this. S isn’t familiar with the valve systems on you car. If it was a Honda he’d be able to hook you up no problem, but I don’t know anybody working in a Nissan dealer anymore who would be able to say “Yeah, he’ll be fine going without it for another 10,000 miles” or whatever. So talk to whoever works on your car about it. )Hope that helps. 🙂

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