Yet more eBay woes

You know, I have to wonder about the English reading ability of the people on eBay:

Check out this auction someone just won and paid me for.

Now, if you read closely on the bottom, you’ll notice I’m pretty anal when it comes to the terms of my auctions. I rarely ship outside of the US because of the problems it always causes me (mainly involving paying extra in shipping fees, filling out more forms, yadda, yadda, yadda). Thus this time, I chose to explicitly state that I do not ship out of the US and certain areas within the US.

So, this woman just won my auction yesterday and has sent me the money via PayPal. The only problem is that her shipping address is located in Ontario, Canada. Grrrr…

Now, if I want to be a total dick about it, I can refund her the money she paid me, cancel the auction and re-list the item since I am well within my rights to do so. However, I’m going to be a psuedo-nice guy about it and I’ll ship it to her via UPS. Why? Well, because this way I am forcing her to pay an additional duty on top of my shipping costs when she gets my item.

I figure she’ll learn her lesson right? How much is the duty on a 25 dollar item in Canada anyway?


Well, it seems like everything solved itself pretty nicely. The brilliantly curt gentleman (yes, not a woman) left a nice note for me explaining the whole situation. Apparently, my e-mail which everyone else uses was for some reason unavailable to him which of course puts people off on the wrong foot, including me. Pretty odd considering:

  1. The first e-mail (associated with a woman) on PayPal turns out as non-existent according to my server when I tried to e-mail them AND the payment gets cancelled, which leaves me no way to contact them to find out why.
  2. Two days after, I get another payment via the same woman’s account (however, a different e-mail) under PayPal for the same auction. This payment clears, although PayPal notifies me that the shipping address is unconfirmed. Which is a no-biggie though. I use my work’s address to receive items and it’s an unconfirmed address. The address is either newly created or there is no credit card attached to that address. It’s a common occurrence.

Sooooo, tomorrow morning the video card that I got for free originally and sold for 25 bucks goes out and gets on it’s merry way to Alberta, Canada.

Remind me again to never deal with international folk again… *:sigh:*