My kingdom for a fork

That damn cole slaw is mocking me I tell ya!

There are no damn spoons, forks, or even sporks in this building and the cole slaw that I got with my veggie wrap is looking at me and laughing. Laughing because I can’t eat it… Hmmph, oh little does it know that I could merely just go ghetto and treat it like a shot. To hell with being all prim and proper, I’m going into the server room to finish this insolent small tub of goodness off.

There… Done. Where are those damn napkins?

I have never heard of this Fuze drink, but it’s some pretty good stuff. They ran out of my usual Sobe carrot and orange drink over at the sandwich shop, so I picked some of this stuff up. Man oh man is this a deliciously tasty beverage, and wouldn’t ya know it, I feel all sorts of hopped up on something or other… It could be the Ginseng, but it’s probably a flashback from those ‘shrooms I ate back in college with that pineapple pizza.

I swear that Dell server just waved “Hi” to me.

2 replies on “My kingdom for a fork”

Coleslaw is EVIL period! I don’t know what they say but this ubiguitous side dish should be banned. Most of the time it’s soggy droopy mess isn’t even flavorful but ever once in a while, you get some nice crunchy and tasty ones. It’s a rarity I tell you! Maybe someone can come up with alternatives to this gross sidedish. I would love some tabouli anyday!

LOL!! Sporks are so classic and so cafeteria-like. I forgot they ever existed. 🙂

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