I did it all for the nookie

A word to the kind folks out there who use company laptops:

If you need to give up your laptop to the IT person for patches, fixes or installs every once in a while, make sure you get rid of certain items.

For example, upstanding and proper individuals unlike myself may have been offended at the sight of the Jenna James0n DVD in this laptop I am working on now.

I, on the other hand, am looking for a DVD burner in the building…

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omg that happens to me all the time!! I do the tech support and am the only girl here and dude the shit I see well ummm it’s well you know 😉 good luck in your search 😉

thanks for pointing out that you are NEITHER proper NOR upstanding…..

like we didn’t KNOW that already…sheeesh.

heh heh


One sick HR putz had some Chechen snuff footage on his laptop. I could have gotten him nailed, but decided it wasn’t worth the agita.

Gnome: Hehe… I know the exact feeling. You should see some of the e-mails coming into this place on a daily basis. Ya wonder how people have such little common sense.

Jen: *:lol:* Well, ya know…

Scott: Hmmm, Chechen snuff? What’s that? **looks on Google**

OHHHHHHH… Eeek! Wow, that’s some pretty hardcore stuff.

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