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It’s been a while since I have posted anything related to my personal life here. Mostly, it’s because work is now absolutely insane with the preparations needed for the move up to Albany, so there’s little time for me to start preparing for the immediate future.

This past weekend I finally got my ass into gear and popped a preliminary resume on as well as a few other places. At the end of May, about 95% of our staff here at my company will lose their jobs as the company uproots itself to it’s new home about three hours from here. We’ve all had a little less than a year to prepare for this, so everyone I work and talk with here pretty much have their plans all laid out with regards to what they’re going to do as of June 1st. Most are going back to school to get their graduate degrees, others have new jobs lined up, and most are just going to stop working for a while. The severance package we’re getting affords some people to use a chunk of it to travel and “learn about themselves” before settling into a new job or career path. I wish I could do that, but the deeply logical person in me couldn’t just throw money away like that in this uncertain economy.

I’ve been so busy training and helping out the new MIS manager to get him up to speed and getting the new staff prepared, that I’ve barely had time to do much of anything else with regards to a job hunt. To be honest, I’m not worried about getting another job at all, but I know the market sucks big hairy moose balls now. My headhunter’s already got roughly 30 positions I can fill like this second, so I just need to go over my resume with my current boss to make sure everything looks good before I give it to Allen (zee head hunter). The part that sucks about my job hunt is that I can’t start until after I get laid off here or else I lose my severance package. So, if a sweet job rolls in before that time, I have to pass it and risk not finding one come this summer time.

I also think that the higher-ups may ask me to stay a little while longer if the current MIS guy needs some help until they hire my replacement up North. Which would suck more because that means I have to commute to Albany (if they don’t put me up at a local hotel that is) and it throws off my interview process for the potential new job. I’m hoping I don’t get asked because the early summer is the best time for getting new jobs in my opinion. On the other hand, continuing to work gives me more paychecks that I can stuff away into my savings account.

With regards to the home front, Devina finally had enough of the place we are currently living in North Brunswick this past weekend. One of the little punks (hehe, I feel so old using the word punks to describe those little shits *:grin:*) took it upon himself to bend her car’s license plate. Now as to why the hell this was done I have no clue, but according to the neighbors, it happens every summer. Apparently, on top of playing ball and tag in a parking lot where cars are known to go 30+ mph without regard for anyone, they love bending car license plates. I grew up in an urban area and I never had the thought of doing something that incredibly moronic to someone’s car. We usually just broke into them to grab like cassette tapes and stuff, but nothing stupid like bending license plates. Anyway, we went to the local Target the day after to get her some metallic license plate holders which should immediately curtail that problem.

However, with the constant pitter patter of cheap high top sneakers on weekend mornings with our neighbors loud-ass kids running on our balcony. With the monotonous and droning beats of the same bachata CD that the downstairs lady plays incessantly at 7am every morning and the skeevy guy across the hall that constantly bugs Devina about “being friends” even though he’s already married, we have started looking for a more respectable area to live in. We’re looking in Edison, a few places in South and North Brunswick and surprisingly enough, if there’s a small waiting list, we may live in Plainsboro come this summer. It’s near Princeton and the group of developments we want to look at this weekend all look really nice and are surprisingly cheap. Most of them even allow cats, have gyms, pools or tennis courts and have built-in washer/dryers! *:yay:*

Anyway, we’re both taking off this Friday so that we have three good days to look around, sign applications and hopefully land a new place to live in this coming June. It’ll be much closer to her current job which is a good thing. However, this will force me to take look for a job locally which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. Personally, I’m sick of my 4 hour commutes each day, so a local job would make me so much happier. It sucks when you automatically lose 15% of your paycheck in commuting and automobile maintenance costs alone.

So that’s been life for me the past week or so… Work, looking for work and looking for a new place. Granted I hate summer weather with a passion, I can’t wait for this summer to hit…

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well, dude…if the way that you have thought out this post, and described it is any indication of how it will all turn out, you and devina will of course, be way AHEAD of the game.

and get away from the skeevy neighbor, for SURE! (i love that word, “skeevy” btw)

i will use that word the rest of the day now….lol.

Wow sorry to hear that you are going to be experiencing much upheaval in the coming months. Yes definitely move out of that hell hole! That’s just wrong that rugrats just run around vandalising property like that. Hey if you get that place in Plainsboro, we can play tennis! You’ll be my neighbor. 🙂

Wow Dave, you’re just a busy man. I’d have kicked those kids asses…teach them to mess with Devina and her man, I tell ya. Well good luck on the job and apartment hunt, my fingers are crossed for ya…

ooh I am in that same position. I’m done with my job in June and am pretty much moving to Boston by August but anything can happen before then so it’s undecided times

good luck to you and your schmoo babeee 🙂

Hey, you really live close to family of mine. I’ll try to remember that when we make plans to come out that way and visit. 🙂 Unless you don’t want to meet me and then I’ll just stay in the hotel and sulk. 😉

Ada: Hehe… Sure thing.. It’ll be just like in high school again.

Lisa: Hey, that sounds pretty cool. Definitely send a note over when you’ll be in town.

Gnome, Lyns and Darren… Thanks guys… Yeah, the job market sucks big time… 🙁

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