What in tarnation??

You know, I’m getting scared of this.

Get RedHat Linux 9 early.

I did a test install of RH 8.0 and I really it hated because of the way they drastically dumbed down the GUI so much. Did version 8.0 suck that bad that they just up and built the next verion to 9.0 as opposed to the eagerly awaited 8.1? Are these people turning into Micro$oft now by releasing an iffy OS as opposed to fixing a buggy one every year or so? I hope I don’t have to switch over to something like Debian now if 9 disappoints…

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My friend in Boston told me he installed that this weekend and had to clean up a lot of errors afterwards but now seems to like it
too many os to keep up anymore man!!!

Why yes I am Jen… 🙂

Ugh… I hate that about RedHat Gnome, with every .0 release, there’s always huge ass bugs… 7.0 sucked with all of the bugs, but 7.3 is the best out there now. 8.0 sucked with all of the bugs… Now 9.0 sucked??!! Grrr…

I should roll up my sleeves, grab my pocket protector and go for SlackWare

I agree.. all the .0 release have sucked. I run and will continue to run 7.3. I also run Mandrake 8.2 on another machine.

Hmmm, how is Mandrake? I think RedHat owns that company as well so are the systems similar when you install? Like installing with RPMs and such? I was considering fooling around with Mandrake one of these days…

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