Linked template query

So here’s a silly question for the MT deities out there.

For easier backup purposes, I created linked templates files for my templates.

Apparently, I can also edit these linked files instead of going through the admin interface, which is quite beneficial to me since I can hop on a shell and edit my files directly rather than find a browser and do it that way.

Now, when I edit these linked templates, does it automatically create the changes live or do I have to rebuild before any changes are made final. I see the template contents stored safely inside my mySQL database, so I’m guessing that a rebuild will make these changes live right?

Also, should I just happen to lose these linked template files, a simple rebuild should just bring them back right?

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you have to rebuild sweetie but that is the best to make a template for everything. I did that for all parts of my site it’s just easier to edit that way 🙂

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