Testing 1…. 2…. 3….

Testing the NewzCrawler blogging tool. You know, this may become the newsfeed reader of choice for me… 🙂

Composed with Newz Crawler 1.4 http://www.newzcrawler.com/

Update: Hmmmm… You know, I don’t know if I found a bug or what. When I posted this entry via NewzCrawler, it added html breaks, but in the HTML 4 way, not the XHTML way. It’s putting the line breaks in as < br > as opposed to the < br / > way… How very eeeeenteresting. Have any of you run into this?

One reply on “Testing 1…. 2…. 3….”

Kristine says that it’s a known problem that the Newzcrawler people are working on. 🙂 When you send money, the “composed by NewzCrawler” line goes away (in case you didn’t know).

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