RSS Fever!

With all the talk on RSS feeds lately, I’ve decided on finally fixing my feeds up (via Lisa’s great instructions). My subscriptions support RSS v1.0 and v2.0 (both validated) and they stream out full posts as opposed to the MT standard of a few lines of text.

Check it out if you wish via your favorite RSS aggregator. Personally, I use Wildgrape’s NewsDesk as I find that app to be the most stable and easy to work with out of the pack.

7 replies on “RSS Fever!”

geeks of the world, UNITE! 😉

actually, my favorite part of blogging, is learning about new stuff like this.

Okay, I admit it. All of that went over my head. In fact, I watched it go. Was kind of fun – and pretty at that! I waved too. I think it waved back at me. Weird thing.

In any event – I’m glad you got it to work properly for you, Dave. (; Now if only I could figure out PHP, my life would be complete.

(No, wait, I need some . . . mmmm . . well. I need something. Then my life would be complete. Not that you needed to know that! That’s it. I’m leaving. I’ve already hit the TMI button. AGH! *runs really fast*)

Jen: 🙂 Yeah… I’m looking into this audio blogging I’ve been hearing about… That definitely looks pretty cool.

Lisa: Thanks for the awesome instructions on getting this working right! 🙂

Gnome: Why thanks for checking it out on yer Pocket PC. 🙂 Glad to know it’s working funky on it. I need to get a wireless chip for my Palm now… 😆

Barbara: Books are definitely the way to go with learning PHP. 🙂

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