The things I do for Picard

I’ve been wanting this video card ever since it came out and I read the reviews on it. I mean, it’s the best gaming card out there now (well, sorta) and I can also watch TV on it. I can hook up a VCR to it and dub over all of my porn, errr, movies to disk. In the future, I can then convert them to DVD when I buy a DVD-burner so what’s not to love?

So for my birthday, I received Best Buy gift certificates from my family and Devina so that I could offset the cost of this video card to a more manageable amount. I finally schlepped my ass this afternoon to a local Best Buy and after hunting all over the store for it, I found out this item isn’t carried in the stores. They only carry the card’s little brother in house and the AiW (All-in-Wonder) version is only carried on-line.

MAJOR Problem.

Why? Well, does not have the ability yet to honor gift certificates that are purchased in the store. So, you see my dilemma here… I’ve got gift certificates for an item that is only sold on-line, but they don’t honor the gift certificates on-line.

Fuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhdgggggggggge! Yes, I lost the lug nuts.

Frustrated, I call corporate line (888.BEST.BUY) and talk to a lovely customer service manager about the problem and it looks like my prayers have been answered. Maybe one of you can also benefit from this in the future as well.

If there is an item that is only available on-line and you want it in the store, you can fill out what is called a Customer Fulfillment request. What they do is directly order your item from the main warehouse and have it ready in the store for you to pick up a few days later. Normally, an Operations Manager takes care of this and it doesn’t apply to items that are less than a couple of hundred dollars. So tonight, I’m hoofing it to the local Best Buy yet again and ordering my phatty 9700 Pro AiW card so that I could finally watch Star Trek on my PC.

‘Cause in the end, it’s all about the Trek baby! Well, the porn too… 😉

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well it’s true you do learn something new every day 🙂

and you’re so wrong it’s all about the ass not the TREK babee but now you’ll just get to see the ass on your puter instead of tv 🙂

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