Freedom ticklers??

French Fries Get New Name in Congress

Hmmm, so now that I’ll be having “freedom” fries with my next #1 at McDonalds, what else do we have to look forward to?

Freedom wines to go with your dinner
Freedom ticklers for your lovely’s pleasure or better yet,
Freedom kisses
Freedom onion soup as an appetizer
Freedom bread for your breakfast in the morning…

Hmmm, weren’t french (freedom) fries created in Belgium? Yes folks, this is what our country is wasting our tax money on.

Link via Wil

4 replies on “Freedom ticklers??”

omg I can’t believe you go to his site! I so had huge adoration for you but now…………..*thud*
ya know what that sound means right?

you fell off my pedastal


still dig ya man!!!



Awe man… Guess I’ll go watch my Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes by my lonesome… :sniff: :sniff:

Tee hee…

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