Woah Bundy!

Is it me or is this new Oliver Beene show a mediocre mix of of The Wonder Years and Married with Children? I’m not liking this show one bit…

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I missed it and I wanted to see it, but if its a mediocre Wonder Years, I will skip it. Nothing beats the magical life of Kevin Arnold.

Scott hit it on the head… I’d much rather take another episode of Malcom in the Middle or The Simpsons than this show. I mean it has it’s funny parts, but like Devina said, they showed the funniest parts in the commercials.

They’re trying to make it too much like Wonder Years which will never, ever, ever be duplicated again…

Then again, this is the first episode so I’ll try it again next Sunday. A lot of first episodes sucked when compared to the rest of the series.

Case in point, Queer as Folk. It had a horrific pilot episode that was way too happy, smiley, CORNY and poppy. If I based the series on that, I would have never watched it again. Lucikly though, the tone of the second show changed for the better and after that it instantly became one of my favorites to watch.

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