The lullabye of Broadway

Wow… I never thought I would ever see this day happen. How much does this suck??

Broadway Goes Dark As Actors Honor Musicians’ Strike

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you have been *smacked* by the tipsy gnome-girl!!

and I got some things to say to you man!!!

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Cheers to ya babeeee!!!

It does suck, and I feel bad for the tourists who have tickets. But, I respect what the strike is all about and I’m glad the actors are supporting the musicians. Anyway, it’s not like Broadway is the only thing to do in NYC! Go see a non-musical. Go see an off-Broadway production. Go downtown to a jazz club. Go see a movie that’s only playing here.

I had tix for a show this weekend and ticketmater took it upon themselves to credit back the 200 bux to my account. Plus I got back the ticketmaster fee as well. For once in my life I am impressed by Ticketmaster!!

Seriously, cutting orchestra sizes from 24-26 down to 7? I want a real orchestra if I pay $100 a ticket to see Les Miz, not canned music.

It takes away from the experience.

Gnome: Ooooh.. May I have another spank… errr smack please? 🙂

Kim: I agree with ya… Of course NYC is known for it’s theatre, but there are soooooo many things to do otherwise in case you’re stuck in the city with tickets. Like Darren said, you will get your refund to spend it elsewhere. The thousands of great restaurants, the clubs, lounges, museums.

Scott: Oh hell’s yeah. I’m so in agreement with the musicians… Granted great acting can overcome the absence of an orchestra, but its just not the same as having a 20 something piece orchestra backing up that great acting. There’s nothing like it anywhere.

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