Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw…

I’m pretty anal when it comes to my bank and credit card accounts, so I check my accounts every day to make sure the $$$’s in the right place and that transactions occurred as planned.

So when I was checking my bank account this morning, I saw a weird transaction for 37 bucks that occurred at Rockefeller Center, which I am assuming is the one in NYC. When I got into work, I went through all of my old receipts and on eBay to see if I had made any purchases and when it turns out I didn’t, I called my bank to ask about it.

It turns out that a purchase was made this past Saturday with my credit card number (since I had my credit card physically) and it was indeed in NYC. So, I told the lady there was no way I made such purchase, since the roads were rivers that day with all of the rain. After digging more, we assumed that someone used my number somehow to make this purchase and I filed to dispute the charge with the bank. So she’s sending me a form to fill out and then I get to find out where this place is that I supposedly bought a 37 dollar item from. I also figured that if someone indeed had my credit card number and just made a small purchase to “test” the card, bigger ones are going to come through. Thus, I asked the nice lady to cancel my card immediately and to issue me a new one, thereby protecting me in case more charges happen to filter through… So next week I get my new card and all will be good.

You know, I’m not even all that pissed this happened. What sucks is just the whole inconvenience issue with regards to getting money out, waiting for a new card, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Ugh, hope your Hump Day is going better than mine.

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Same thing has happened to me, but luckily the caught the action before it happened because he ordered a computer and had it shipped to a different address. The computer company then called me because they felt this wasn’t right. But I remember feeling like crap that someone had my cc# and I couldnt figure out how they got it. Worse yet it was my check card, not an ordinary bank card.

Darren: Yeah, I’m wondering the same as you are because nowadays you need to give people your billing address to make purchases on-line or over the phone which may mean someone knows more about me than I would like them to know. This was a check card as well… 🙁

Gnome: Well, if *that’s* the case then it’s all good. 😉

I’m so anal about that stuff I’m on the phone with my husband all the time, “Were you at an Amoco on Rt. 10 in Randolph buying gas yesterday?”

Yeah, dumbass, the Amoco is the one on the corner by your house.


i just have to say that since the post was titled “f*ck me gently with a chainsaw” and you started with “i’m pretty anal…” that this post went in a completely different direction than i originally thought it was going… heh.

and that sucks about the credit card, dude. glad you caught it before someone did some serious damage!

Oooh – that’s one of my biggest fears! I hope you get your $37 back in the end. I’ve had my credit card company call me about large purchases I made to make sure and now I’m glad they have.

Zuly: 😆 Hehe… I can see myself doing this now after this ordeal.

Jen: Dayum girl… I LIKE the way you think… 😉

Eve: Yeah, actually this is funny. I bought an 1100 PC for myself last Xmas with the same card and I didn’t get a peep from them with regards to odd spending. HOWEVER, a few weeks later, I got a call from their fraud dept and a 25 dollar purchase I made caused red lights to go off in their neck of the woods and I had to call to get my card reactivated. For 25 fucking dollars they cancelled it, yet they allowed an 1100 dollar purchase to go through without so much as a fart passing by. Sometimes I wonder about banks…

This happened to me last month!! Me: “Hey Honey, what did you buy at The Gap this week?” Her: “Nothing” Me: “You spent $98 on Monday – if its a gift, just say so” Her: “You’re on crack”

Sure enough, my card had gotten stolen. The bank people gave me the $$ back, but it was a real hassle having to use cash until the next card arrived.
The bank folks say that a lot of theft is from food servers copying down numbers from when they take your card back to the scanner…i dunno…

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