I tawt I taw a puttytat

I just witnessed one of the most coolest things ever.

I was just in our back parking lot moving my car to a better place now that some of the people have left and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a cat. I stopped and saw the cat crawling very low to the snow-covered ground in a position I know too well as the “Imma kill that mouse” stance Tony makes as he’s going for his toy mouse.

I then scan ahead of the cat and notice a chirpy little blue jay merrily munching away on a french fry that was on the ground with it’s back towards the cat.

Big mistake… Advantage puttytat.

I was watching the cat inch closer and closer to the naive bird and in less than the blink of an eye, it was airborne with it’s claws drawn and targeting the poor thing. It then completely engulfed the bird and all I saw was just a blue plume of feathers as the stray just ripped into the bird. Once the birdie was kapoot, the cat turned around, looked at me, hissed and flashed some blood soaked teeth, picked up it’s kill and strolled proudly away into the woods.

Puttytat 1, Blue Jay 0

Just as I was turning the car back on, another bird swept down and started merrily munching away on that same french fry.

The circle is complete.

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