Suicidal Metallica??


Karen just IM’d me with this info! That is definitely some very kick ass news and hopefully the band will start playing harder stuff now with Rob in the fold.

I was a HUGE fan of Suicidal Tendencies back in my long haired metal head days and having Rob join my boys looks like a good mix. Can’t wait till they announce their NYC tour dates for this summer because I’m buying tickets as fast as I can, especially with this news… Wooo!

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metallica is one of the bands that falls under my category of “never saw but still want to see” – and james hetfield is looking better and better these days… 😉


Actually, I’ve been a fan of theirs since the sixth grade. I can’t even count how many years that is… Yet, I still haven’t been to any of their concerts for various reasons… I don’t care if I have to take off of work that day. My ass is getting tickets and I am going.

Is it me or is Kirk looking more ummm, girly nowadays?? Don’t get me wrong, I worship the ground the guy walks on, but he’s just lookin a little too chic nowadays… 😉

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