Quick question

Anyone else out there experiencing this when they publish an entry?

Ping ‘http://rpc.weblogs.com/RPC2’ failed: HTTP error: 500 read timeout

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I saw something about that on the MT boards. The answer was that this has been happening all along, but now you actually get an error to let you know about it. So, it’s not that upgrading caused, it’s that upgrading let you know it’s happening.

You can try increasing the value for “PingTimeout” or some such in mt.cfg. That mostly worked for me at 30 seconds — apparently weblogs.com is a little slow to respond.

Kim, I found that same message too. Well, at least now one knows when it’s not working than just assuming it worked with the previous versions.

Thanks for the tip Mark, I bumped it up to 25 seconds and it’s working fine. I’m guessing their server just gets too slammed at a given moment.

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