Oil refinery blew up??


My boss just came in and told me that an oil refinery blew up near the Outerbridge Crossing in Jersey and that the flames reach 1100 feet in the air. Is this true? Can anyone verify this for me? CNN.com doesn’t have this news available yet. I hope too many people weren’t hurt.

Ugh… Do you know what type of shitty ass commute I’m going to have to face tonight?!?!

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The news is now saying it is not a refinery but a storage facility (which I thought they were the same thing!) but hopefully they will get this cleared up quickly and traffic won’t be a COMPLETE mess!

Wow… Thanks for all of the info guys. Scott, I really hope it’s not anything related to terrorism. Though I’d have to admit that’s the first thing that crept into my mind when I first heard about it.

Hey Dave, so far they’ve concluded that it’s not related to terrorism…there is so much shit going on lately, there was a shooting here by school last night and also that club fire in Rhode Island too. I think I’ll stay close to the dorm this weekend, this many events in one week is too coincidental to me…

Sheesh! You know, screw the beer…

I’m busting out the vodka martinis this evening when I get home. Still in for a Stoli and Coke Gnome??

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