Sometimes all you need

…is a nice beer to ease your day’s problems

Grab one from the fridge!

Care to join me??

13 replies on “Sometimes all you need”

Mmmmmm. Bass.

We have no good beer within a reasonable walking distance. It’s Bud or Beck’s. ::whine::

You got it Gnome… Stoley and Coke it it… Feel free to pull up a chair.

WOW Kim… That’s just wrong on so many levels… How far away is the closest liquor establishment?

A half-mile, and we don’t have a car. Nonetheless, I think I’ll have to trudge home with some at some point soon.

Mmm… Sam Adams….

Nice new look, btw!

Mmmmm… Sam Adams… I could use some of that now… Wow.. Half a mile for some decent beer. Not cool at all… 🙁

Yeah, it’s wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And in NYC, no less! That’s why we drink wine more often; it’s easier to transport a couple of wine bottles than a couple of 6-packs. We’re going to start making our own, though.

OOOOOOOOOOH. REALLY?? I’ve always wanted to learn how to make my own beer. What would you both name your beer?

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