Googlicious baby

Hmmm, I was just checking out some of the search strings people use on my site:

catholic girl outfit gallery
hair past her ass
kiss my ass lotion
if a fly goes down three inches
alyson hannigan turtle
my porn movie list
here i stand the goddess of desire
romance tequilla
when i was a kid adults used to bore me to tears
how to shoplift from blockbuster steal easy
hair women with big butts
funny fart noises
vanity fair leaf blowers
little darlings naked
where all the white women at

Sometimes ya gotta wonder about those coming to your site.

5 replies on “Googlicious baby”

Gnome: No worries, I’ll send ya over a few bottles asap. 🙂 Lemme tell ya, it WORKS wonders… 😆

Antgrad: You and me both brother… You and me both…

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