Male <> Flowers??


Can someone please explain why it’s so damn weird for a man to receive flowers? The lovely Devina just sent me a very nice bouquet of a dozen creme colored roses (thank you sweetie :muah:) and every single woman that passed by was shocked that I received flowers.

No, they weren’t surprised that I had someone to give me flowers.

They were just surprised at the notion that a man received flowers.

Umm hello?? WTF is up with that?? If any of you dudes out there got flowers, were you greeted with the same disbelief?

Either way, for those of you that celebrate V-Day, I wish you a great one for you and yours.

For those of you that do not, Happy Friday! 🙂

4 replies on “Male <> Flowers??”

some people think flowers are a non-masculine thing, i guess. but hey, at least you got a dozen. i only got one single rose.

I’ve sent my man flowers at work before. 6 red roses and some casablanca lilies (his favorite). He loved them! I don’t remember him getting any shock treatment for it. I think the schocking part is a woman who would send a man flowers. We are rare gems. Go Devina!!

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