Dame Edna Insults Hispanics

Hello Everyone! This is Ada, contributing an entry to Dave’s blog while he is absent getting some much needed R & R. I hope to share with you some pictures and humorous anecdotes of Dave since I have known him since high school. I’m sure that there is something I can dust off from my treasure trove of memorabilia that will amuse you all. 🙂

Onto the real story at hand. I received an email today from one of my friends, usually they are forwards of jokes or political issues that require chanting of “Rally around the family! With a pocket full of shells”.. yeah yeah.. I know I just had to quote Rage Against the Machine there. 🙂

Anyway this email dealt with Vanity Fair magazine publishing an opinion piece by Dame Edna, who insulted Hispanics by dismissing the Spanish language and saying that only “The help?” or “Your leaf blower?” will be able to converse with you. This was in response to someone asking if they should learn Spanish as a foreign language.

You can check out the entire email at About.com’s Urban Legends site. Usually when I go to the site to check if an email forward is legitimate, I expect to see something along the lines of an email hoax but this one is actually true. So now the Hispanic community is in an uproar demanding an apology from Vanity Fair.

I kind of feel mixed about the whole situation. While I understand how people can be offended and I can certainly empathize as a fellow minority, I feel we all have a right to say what we want as a member of a free society. There are stereotypes out there for everyone including White folks. Yes we have a right to boycott a magazine if we feel it is offensive but to demand an apology is a going a little overboard in my opinion. Dame Edna is a satirical character and yes the humor is a bit on the Archie Bunker side of things but you must admit that the humor is treading the underbelly of what people already are thinking in their minds. This entire sanitized view of political correctness, although ideal is not realistic. I believe in being proud of your heritage but I also believe that stereotypes are part of reality too.

Anyone in their right mind knows about all the accomplishments of Hispanics. They are not just hired help or leaf blowers. Look at Jennifer Lopez and countless other celebrities who are doing great things as Hispanics. Our own humble Dave here has this awesome site and has taught me everything I know about HTML. Personally I wouldn’t pay any mind to such comedic drivel. However, it’s up to each individual out there to sift through the information themselves and formulate their own opinions. I guess my political views lie straight in the middle. I can see both sides and it’s hard to say that one side is better than the other.

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I think nowadays people just want a reason to complain so act over-highly-sensitive to b.s. Dame Edna writes satirical crap about everyone and everything, covering all stereotypes all the time, nicely and beautifully displaying his ignorance and disrespect for himself, society and humanity and our accomplishments as a whole. I thought he could have gotten the same punch line across much better without insulting anyone and even making more than a few hispanics laugh rather than shudder. I am all for satire and its use for comedic purposes (sometimes its the best stuff) but I also think that resorting to racial quips is sometimes one of the lowest and cheapest ways to go about it.

Personally, I think people in this country are too fucking sensitive about every god damn thing. Forcing the magazine company to apologize is completely ludicrous in my opinion. If you really feel this strongly about the comments made, hey guess what buddy??

Don’t buy the fucking magazine you half-wit!

Case closed…

While it’s true that poking fun at stereotypes may be a low way of getting a laugh, we all have to realize that bringing such idiosyncrasies to light gets the most laughs. Carlos Mencia (http://www.carlosmencia.com/) is a hilarious Honduran comic and he takes stabs at all ethnicities. His best jokes, however, are the ones with regards to Latinos. Gabriel Iglesias (http://www.gabrieliglesias.com/) has me on the floor all the damn time and his jokes poking fun at Latinos will make you pee your pants.

Ohhhhhh I just saw Gabriel on Comedy Central. I hadn’t even heard of him before. I was surprised considering how funny he is. His impressions of women and his vioice is what gets me. Big o dude can sound more feminine than me! heheheh

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