okay, it’s tokendave here, kinda doing the jay leno fill-in thing like back when he used to stand in for johnny carson. except I’m not funny, my face doesn’t look like the Mac Tonight guy from the old mcdonald’s commercials, and well, this ain’t the friggin’ tonight show.

other than that, it’s exactly the same.

i’m humbled to be here, in these hallowed halls–my words hanging here underneath the Holy Quadrinity of alyson hannigan pics, next to LasciviousDave’s famed Zonkage…

so what’s the word, peeps? now, instead of having to come up with inane, boring-ass drivel for my site, i have to think up twice as much inane, boring-ass drivel to help out my pal dave while he takes a siesta.


okay, first things first — do you *know* the things i could do with alyson’s mouth?!!

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Okay, when I first came here (at your request, Dave), and the top graphics loaded, I thought to myself, “And who is this GORGEOUS woman that I see before me?” Now you tell me it’s Alyson Hannigan, who I always see as geeky Willow from the first couple of seasons of Buffy.

God DAMN but when did she become SO FUCKING HOT?!!! I mean, she looked good as Evil Vampire Willow and all, but them pictures is… well, let’s just say that I’m a believer now, and leave it at that.

like it’s not already hard ENOUGH to keep token and lascivious apart?

geez, dudes. did someone warn the authorities about this?

say my name, bitch.

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