You know I have the strangest feeling the CEO of my company just forced his laptop off in the middle of installing 35mb worth of patches. Why do you ask? Well, since he wasn’t supposed to show up today, I decided to finally put on some necessary patches on his laptop to get it up to speed with the rest of the company’s machines.

See, that’s what sucks most about making sure the upper execs are all patched up and secure. They’re barely in the office or they are on their machines so much that you can’t get at it. Well, at least at this company… The admins at my last company had the end-all say-all rule with regards to this type of situation. They could give two shits about who has the laptop and what they were working on at that time. If they need it for patching purposes, you’re giving it up now. Naturally, the CEO’s and CFO’s who were playing Tetris or watching their stocks didn’t like this much, but the machine was better off which is the more important issue… Unfortunately, that’s not how it works here. Eh well, no biggie and life goes on.

So, I hopped on to the patch server, started the process, left his office with the patches installing and a few minutes or so later, he showed up at my desk with his laptop in his bag…

Why do I have a strange feeling I’m going to get a call in a couple of hours when he gets back home?

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